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You can't win against an obedient and diligent girl

Always I am indebted.
My name is THESALON Haneda.
November from today!11 months left this year!
too fast!I just said "Happy New Year" the other day (゜-゜)
It seems like the end of last year was just recently. .
Does this mean that my days are fulfilling, or is it because I am getting older?
There is no doubt that it is a Shinkansen class 💦


Recently, I'm Haneda, whose thoughts are going in a strange direction with male-to-male romance
(It's drawn so beautifully that it makes me feel strange lol)


People who are loved and people who are liked by othersObedientWhat is it?
(You can't just talk about yourself. Talking too much can sometimes make people think you're stupid.)
I'm honestly happy
honestly delicious
A child who can honestly say thank you

I think it's relatively easy and simple and I can do it from tomorrow.

Happiness will come if you are honest and charming



“I want to have a long relationship with one person, but it never lasts. Why?”
(Do not read if you want to earn pocket money on a one-off basis.)

I remember being asked such a question in an interview a long time ago.

Haneda: "Do you keep in touch?"

Woman: "I'm not the type to do things on my own..."

(That's impossible. There's no way it will last.)

People who are better than beautiful women survive in the end.
And if you're beautiful, be a bean.
Be a woman who does her best.

I think it comes down to this.
There are almost no men who are beginners in love and dad activities, and do not know right or left.
People with more life experience and higher incomes have more discerning eyes.
To be honest, it's a world where there are many others.
I don't stick to one woman.
Even if you lose one person, there are many others.
If you meet a beautiful woman three times, you will get tired of it
Because there are many other good women in the world.

This is reality.

There are tons of other competitors.

to survive in itBe honest, be charming, and be a regular

I think this is the secret of dad life.

Women are happier if love is pursued, but if they want to be seen by a good dad, they should pursue it.


Thank you for reading to the end 🌸
Recently, I've been updating only about the utilization rate, so I'm glad I could write what I like lol



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