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Elegant 10 consecutive holidays

This is Ayano Haneda from THESALON.

How did you spend your 10 consecutive holidays? ?
The name of the era has also changed to Reiwa.
Haneda wanted to get on an airplane with my dad and go to the casino.

I also wanted to go shopping.
Such a dream...

No, when I was delusional, the 10 consecutive holidays ended.
Did you think that if you wish for a dream, it will come true, and that dream would come true until you were in your teens?
The things I liked and wanted were bought by my deceased grandmother.
I attacked my favorite person with all my heart.

When I became a working adult, I thought I could get anything, even love.
In my twenties, I felt that it was difficult to get anything.
Each person's desires are different.

Are we never satisfied?
However, if you keep saying kotodama, it may come true.

I want to find a good dad from the bottom of my heart! !

Let's find out! !Let's meet! !

I think there are a lot of wonderful men at SALON that you can't meet anywhere else.

Ayano Haneda

Sleeping 24/6 hours a day...

Daydream time...As long as time allows...

Living in delusion is a very happy thing. .

I hope you have a wonderful day today.


THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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