salon diary

Attention please

Nice to meet you
My name is Ayano Haneda.
Haneda is the same as Haneda Airport.


After training at SALON, I joined as a member of this group.

My hobby is having fun and drinking (I think it's pretty strong)
Beer is my go-to soup.

But someday I will have this SALON champagne with my SALON friends at the first anniversary.
I want to do my best to drink! !

I love to go out, but at home I'm like a dried fish woman with a dumpling head
I don't hate myself for living.

I was often told that my face resembled Akubi-chan from Hakushon Daimao.

Kinda looks like a gremlin.
When I was little, I was often mistaken for a Filipino because of my tan.

I grew up surrounded by mountains, so my dialect is
"This is really good~" (It's pretty delicious)
I was raised in the countryside.
She is an only child and goes her own way, at her own pace.
However, she is also cooperative (in a sense, there are many elements of Happo Beauties).

And I love this town of Ginza.
My specialty is finding bars and places to eat in Ginza.
I also like searching for recommended souvenirs.

From now on, not only male members, but also female members,
We are working hard every day to provide services from the heart.
Thank you very much.

THESALON Haneda Ayano


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