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The eyes speak as much as the mouth.

thank you always.

from long ago,Seating at the date is "table rather than counter"This is hayama from.


The reason is simple!

"Because I like to talk while looking at the other person's eyes and expressions."


Which group are you?


I think that men are divided about half and half, but surprisinglyWomen tend to prefer counter seatsIt seems.


"Until I get used to it, it's embarrassing to be seen from the front..."When,From a cute and shy woman,

"Body touch may shorten the distance between handsome guys!"Even carnivorous women.


I think that there are various opinions depending on the type,The first advantage is


"I can relax and focus on the conversation because I can't make eye contact with the other person."


After all, for counter women,"It gives you peace of mind"is the most important factorIt seems like

Especially if the other person has just metIf you are a man who is still in a thin relationship, it will be even more so.


From the first meeting, I want to make eye-to-eye conversations,It's a completely opposite opinion ~ (tears).

Of course, "I prefer to talk face-to-face!"Some women say, but generally speaking,

On a date that has just met, women are more likely to get nervous,A little "consideration on the male side" during the conversation,It becomes the key to a good relationship after thatThat's it.


It's not a date, but the feeling time at the salon is alsoI think it's the same.

(By the way, the small rooms in the salon are neither side by side nor in front, LIt's a letter-shaped seat.)


Just the other day, a woman said,Immediately after setting failure,I received this kind of feedback.


"I don't think it's a bad person, but (to the other man)I was scared to be asked questions while watching.The atmosphere is like that of an interviewer,I felt like I was being judged…”


I couldn't hide my surprise when I heard that.


"You said you were afraid of 〇〇? You're lying!?"


This is the man who says.

No matter how you look at it, he was a gentleman, and he was usually friendly and very kind.


Of course, I'm not going to accept the woman's impressions 100%.Hmm,at least scaryIt is true that I had the feeling that.


So, suddenly I chose "counter seat / table seat"I remembered the story of


SALON is an L-shaped seat,A style in which the two of you meet face-to-face and have a conversation.

Of course, it's nice to see men and women talking to each other, and it's welcome, so there's no problem at all...


It should be noted thatThe other party is a woman who met for the first time,more nervous than menThat thing.

Free timeFor women who are not accustomed to men and dads,My heart is pounding more and moreIt is possible.


In addition, all SALON men have high social status,There are only people who can afford it, both financially and mentally.

Even justEveryone's aura and intimidation (in a good way!)Please don't forget to contact women (laughs).


As a fellow man, I can understand the feeling of wanting to pry into something, but if it is conveyed straight, the pressure will inevitably become stronger.

Feeling time of at least 20 minutes,With a broad and soft heart,On the contrary, I would be happy if you could make women feel relaxed and happy.


This time, a little more feminine,I wrote only impertinent things, but...

We will continue toWe are accumulating highly satisfying matching for all male and female members.I will continue to work hard every day so that I can continue to do so.


when we meet again,We would love to hear your opinions!



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