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  • June 20, 2019
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happy meeting

happy meeting

Thank you for always watching
Thank you very much.
This is Shimabara from SALON.

With a man who joined the salon the other day
I had an interview about the woman I met at the salon.

ShimabaraIt was my first time, so I was excited.
I was wondering if it would be okay for me to have such an important interview.
I asked you to take the lead!

I just met you and talked to you.
Anyway, 90 hours went by in a blink of an eye (laughs)

I wonder what happened in the last three minutes. . .

After all, men who are over 40 years old and gentlemanly are the criteria for joining SALON.
We have different life experiences, so we have a lot to talk about~

I thought that was the difference from the last matchmaking party (laughs).

The main issue with that man
It seems that you are still dating the woman I introduced you to.
Do you have a woman with whom you feel so good?and
I told you that it fits surprisingly well.

As a club, I am happy to think that I was able to introduce someone who is so compatible with me.
I was as happy as myself!

What'll we do. . .

I thought it was really nice to be in love.

The atmosphere where the man is talking about women seems to be happy anyway
Your aura is different!It was an aura full of happiness!

It is said that when a woman falls in love, she becomes beautiful or cute.
After that, I think that I can do my best at work or do my best for that person. . .

In this regard, I thought men were the same.

I met you for the first time in a while this time, but you've become an even more wonderful man.
He said that he would like to work harder.

I will try to find a man who will say things like this to me too!
(It looks like it's going to be long...)

As expected, I was grateful to be able to talk to men like this.
What kind of woman was good, such a woman is suitable for a salon, etc. . .
I was able to hear a lot of stories that will be good for the club.

I would like to cherish such an opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support of SALON.

THE SALON Koharu Shimabara


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