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  • It reminded me of my childhood (laughs).

It reminded me of my childhood (laughs).

Everyone, thank you very much for always watching.


This is Harabajime from THE SALON.


★Today's Events★
Before going to work, I went to a convenience store and bought drinks, etc. as usual.
I usually use a certain payment app, but today I paid in cash for some reason.
When I suddenly look at the change, [Hmm?There is a beautiful 500 yen coin! ! ! ] I picked it up and saw it was a new 500 yen! (゚д゚) Hah!
I know it's made in large quantities, but in my heart, I feel a little lucky, and I store it in the unused zone next to the coin case (laughs).
At that time, I noticed, [Huh? The 500 yen coin is already inside. . ] If you look closely, the old 3 yen in Reiwa 500rd year was already in the unused zone www


No, it's not that I have a particular habit of collecting things, but for some reason...
Did you have it when you were a child?
The rocks lying on the roadside look so divine that I put them in my pocket.
that?Am I the only one? www



This time! !!
I wouldn't call it a hobby, but
I... like glasses!

As for alcohol, the number of opportunities to go out to drink has decreased due to the corona crisis, and before I knew it, I stopped drinking.
Until then, when I drank at home, I used to drink from Kiriko, Ryukyu glass, Usuhari, and tin/aluminum/copper tumblers depending on my mood at the time.

Recently, I use it mainly when I drink water (laughs)

The photo is an image.



During that time,
My favorite black Edo Kiriko glass broke.
It was a crime by a 10-year-old Dax, a violent boy in our family [Kuro].
As soon as I took my eyes off him for a second, he dived into the table (laughs).
It's not something that breaks that quickly, but the position when it fell was useless.
For some reason, the child put a toaster on the floor and baked bread.


Kiriko is a toastergood landing……Unable to do so, it turned into a piece of glass.

I couldn't recover from the shock for several days. .


yeah? What about salons?
Well, there's just a little over a month left in this year!
Do you have any plans for Xmas and New Year's Eve?
Of course I know that you are not looking for a meeting for the sake of an event,
It might be fun to see it from a different point of view if you try to use it as one reason! !


I will continue to think and propose a lot so that the men and women who are active can feel good at the salon.




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