salon diary

It's the end of the year

Always I am indebted!

This is Yusuke Nishino from THE SALON.

Recently, the city has begun to be colored,
At convenience stores, flyers for accepting reservations for Christmas cakes are lined up,
Ken*kki's Christmas commercials began to flow,
It's finally the end of the year mood!

Santa will not come,
I only have plans to go back to my parents' house in Shizuoka for the year-end and New Year holidays.
For some reason every year around this time, I get excited,
I am Nishino, a 26-year-old man. .

Although story changes,,
Did you buy anything in the Black Friday sale? !

I'll be getting my bonus soon!So,
A certain SON ○ noise canceling earphone,
X○aomi (I think there are few people who know,
I stole my tablet.
I haven't even entered yet
The insignificant bonus seems to have already disappeared,,

I am a person who loves smartphones, earphones and gadgets,
When I come across something that interests me, I tend to stick it out without thinking about it.
(I've changed my earphones about 2 times in the last 4 years😅

If you have any recommended gadgets, I would be happy if you could tell me when you come to the store (^^)

I ended up talking about my hobbies, which I don't care about 💦
For the rest of the month, we will tighten our minds so that 2021 will end in a good way, so please take care of it!


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