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What type of daddy do you have?

Always I am indebted.
This is THE SALON Haneda.
Recently, when I go to Disneyland and buy a balloon 🎈, it flies to the sky,
I wonder if I'll dream of Hikakin proposing to me or want to escape from reality (о´∀`о) lol


I started cleaning my house early this year!
Although I met the strongest detergent and started cleaning
This is Haneda, whose fingertips are so strong that my fingerprints are about to melt (o_o) lol


It's July from today ✨
The SALON store is also in the process of arranging stores for Christmas 🎄

So cute 🎅 and 👼
I chose it together with Kiritani✨
I hope you have a wonderful relationship ✨

The introduction was too long, but I would like to ask everyone who read this today!


[Which type of your dad's life? ]

I think that there are those who do not understand well, those who recognize it again, and those who choose two.


・ A woman who feels like drinking a guarantee
If the place is fun and I get 1 yen, I will be happy and moist.
One-shot type that neither one nor the other remembers


・ A woman who does not show her body
If possible, I would like to see you only for a meal, without staying together for a long time.
The type who wants to sell their own value


・Single female
Today's charin is efficient, and it's easy and convenient to have a relationship that is clear to each other.
The meal is good, but please invite me to the hotel.


・Lover type
After meeting a few times, I would like to get to know each other's personalities, go on dates, spend time together, and then have a relationship and support.


・Mistress type
Please surround yourself tightly.
In return, I want you to raise her to be a good woman.
I want you to polish it.please spend money
Please support me on a monthly basis.


・Marriage type
Although it is extremely rare, some people come to register thinking that it is a marriage agency.
It's a difficult ending.



Everyone has different hopes and stances for dating.
I can't say 100% how far we can understand the feelings of our members.

I think that dating stance is very important.
I think it is very important to bring out the true feelings of women and introduce them to meet the wishes of men.

ButChemicalLearningAntiResponseIt's also a fun part of this world that happens (о´∀`о)🧪
So playfulness is important.




Dear male members! !
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

I think that women are also registering for a purpose, so please let me cooperate in supporting them.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our store and interviews in the remaining month of this year.



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