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SALON women like "evolving uncle Ike".

thank you always.

Since last month, when I started going to the gym three times a week, I lost another XNUMXkg.This is hayama, who has lost.


I was able to lose 10kg by running and dieting,Next time"I will gain XNUMX kg with muscle! is the goalBut...


in trouble,I've become a body that can't get fat no matter how much I eat.

(Anyway, it's a luxury problem, isn't it?)


Is it just that the basal metabolism has increased?

“I can barely catch up with my calorie intake!”The feeling continues.

Perhaps due to lack of energy, even on days when I don't go to the gym, I get sleepy early at night,I can sleep soundly and deeply (laughs).


After 5 months of "salad chicken life", now for dinner, rice 2I eat a lot of meals and side dishes, but my weight is almost flat....

A year or two ago, when I ate more, my face and belly became rounder.It's like a lie.


Well that was the original purpose."I want to have a body that doesn't mind eating tonkotsu ramen in the middle of the night! "The wish ofThere is a reason,There is no end to human greed.

Now, "I want to be a healthier and cooler body!"New goals are emerging.


Thankfully, several SALs who are training hard every dayFrom an ON male member,I also received various advice during the chat.


●A YouTube channel recommended for men,Deepen your knowledge of strength training

Try replacing the protein with a “weight-up” one

For the time being, try reducing the amount of aerobic exercise after muscle training

● After eating and gaining weight,The idea of ​​​​shaping up by muscle training later


and so on….

I myself learned a lot and at the same time"Muscle training" to "as a common language,The feeling that the distance between you and the man suddenly shrinks,I feel it without permission.


This is not limited to men in particular.

Similarly, in order to deepen the relationship between the opposite sex,A common language as a communication tool,need to have someI think.


The more common languages ​​they have, the stronger they are!

than bilingual or trilingualMultilingual is the strongest.

For example,"K-POP"There is a male member who likes this, but this is wonderful,It has become a niche common language with female members.


Everyone, in general, "There are many young women who like K-POP"I think you have the impression that

What if, on the other hand, this is an older man?


Jazz and blues lovers in their 40s and 50s are not uncommon, but K-A man who likes POP,I'm afraid you won't see them very often.

In the meantime,This manHave a strong common language with young womenandIt will be a big advantage in developing a deep relationshipSo it is.


It's great that you like 80's and 90's rock,That's why "Bon Jovi" and "Oasis"The reason why I enthusiastically explain the charm ofIt is very nonsense (laughs).


Other,Beauty, fashion, gourmet as an iron plate,Indoor group who likes manga and gameswomen ofSurprisingly many.

later,Loves pets and is good at dancing and playing musical instrumentsWomen too.


You don't need to be familiar with women's hobbies,with interest,Ingenuity and attitude to “enjoy the process of deepening knowledge together”Well,I think it's very important.


This is also a warning to myself.In order for older men to deepen communication with young women,


"Manliness is in action. There is no need for masculinity in conversation!"


I think it comes down to this.


In fact, right after the feeling time,Men who have a good impression from women say,Rather than the type that is full of masculinity as you see it,Someone who is somewhat mischievous and close to women's heartsIt is an impression that there are many.

(This is Reiwa style, not Showa or Heisei!?)


I myself always feel "true masculinity and femininity" at the salon.I'm thinking about and learning.

While loving old-fashioned gags,In a corner of my heart, I set up an antenna for women's hobbies,Here!Like touching the heartstrings of young women in the scene ofI want to aim to be a tough old man (laughs).


Well, if you notice, this will be my last blog post for the year.

mid-December,Since there are people I will meet at the setting,I feel like it's a little early to say "Happy New Year", but...


Thank you very much to all the male and female members in the year!

Next year, the system will be revised, etc., and the salon will be reborn as a salon where you can enjoy more authentic matching.I will come.

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON.


Happy new year to all of you!



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