salon diary

✧🎄Merry Christmas🎄✧

Thank you for visiting the SALON blog again this year!
In 2021, Kiritani's blog will be the last.
Thank you very much for your hard work this year.
Thank you.thank you.
It was all the people I met for the first time, but it was nice to meet everyone ♪

Today is Christmas Eve☆彡
The city must be full of couples.
How are you all doing?

If you have a family, or if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, of course!
Even those who are spending time with their friends!
merry christmas! 🎄☆ 彡

Papa already has a princess!
The princesses who already have dads must be having a wonderful date time.
I wonder if I'll dress up and have a toast with champagne🍾 or wine at a top-class restaurant🍷✧
We exchanged presents♪
Nice!That's great~(。・ω・。)ノ♡
merry christmas! 🎄☆ 彡


Let's spend a meaningful time together, even if you're single (^^♪
When I get home after work, maybe I'll have a beer too♪
No, I'm lonely, so I might go out drinking (laughs)


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everyone☆彡
Merry Christmas!????


And I wish you a happy new year (^^)/


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