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  • June 19, 2019
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I'm worried about what happened after that!

I'm worried about what happened after that!

Thank you very much for always watching.

This is Shimabara from SALON.

I was having a girls talk with Haneda as usual.

(While working properly lol)

At that time, I suddenly thought.

After that, the relationship between men and women who went out

I wonder if it's going well, or if the relationship is gone. . .


However, as the service content of SALON

The relationship after going out is up to the two of you

I don't know what to say after going out. . .

Haneda and I are worried about each other these days.

Those who are still in a relationship

Is it because the feeling matches?

I thought that if the compatibility of the body is good, it will continue unexpectedly.

A man I dated

We even dated because we have a good physical chemistry (laughs).

Because expressions of affection can be conveyed in words,

Doesn't your body convey your love? ?

I think it's a story about the body. . . (smile)

Impossible because it's incompatible

Because the support side did not match each other

I think there are various reasons.

because it's a love affair

If we ask how we can solve this, I don't think so. . .

Anyway, what Shimabara wants to convey

I would like to hear your impressions of the date and such stories! !

If you don't mind, please let us know (>_<)

PS There are two things that made me happy recently!

the first is for men


"Has the atmosphere changed? 』

"It feels good! 』

That's what I was told 😳

This is Shimabara, who was able to take a step forward to become a city girl (laughs)

I'll do my best to level up more and more with this condition (lol)

The second is that the woman and Haneda told me that the previous blog was interesting!

I hope you enjoyed my story

I definitely want to write a blog about Shimabara's recent situation w

Thank you for your continued blog!

THE SALON Koharu Shimabara


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