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This year, you can fully enjoy the "SALON brand"!

Ladies and gentlemen, belated...


Happy new year 2022!

"Dream Royalties Life"This is hayama from the salon, sending you.


Even so, it's a little 1000 yen a year "hashita gold" (laugh))….

(It's not "royalty life" at all)


A long time ago, when the band released a CD, the "composition royalty" is stillIt will be transferred to my bank account once every three months.

On top of the insignificant amount of money, it has been going on for more than 15 years,I'm totally out of my mind these days,Every time I visit my parents' house on New Year's Day,I always remember the royalties.


Because my fatherBundle the payment statements for one year from the music publisher,Because it's an annual tradition to bring them happily.

At that time, when I was frustrated with my music activities and temporarily returned to my parents' house,I have changed the mailing address, soEven now, only the statement of royalties continues to reach my parents' house.


“Shinji, I received royalties again.”

(No, no, my father, "annual income is 1000 yen")


Apparently, for parents, it doesn't matter how big or small the result is, they say "Something like "proof of my son's hard work"proud no matter how long it takesIt seems (laughs)….


Now, speaking of royalties.

In general, the royalty rate for lyricists and composers is 1.5% to 2%, respectively.Market price.

In comparison, the author's royalty rate is said to be 5% to 10%.

(It's much higher than musicians.)

Plus, being a best-selling author makes a lot of money.


"Mmmm...! In my lifetime, somedayI want to write and publish my own book! ! "


It was Hayama who saw his father's face on New Year's Day, and a new sweet dream began to sprout.

In the future, I'm going to hone my writing skills on the SALON blog and train myself so that I can live my dream royalty life in real life (laughs)!

(Having a dream is free)


Furthermore, speaking of books, among the SALON male members,Many of you have published your own books.

That's all, it's already a big, big, big respect! !


For me, being able to interact with such people on a daily basis is a very stimulating and valuable experience.

We would like to encourage our female members to understand how wonderful the environment at THE SALON is.I want you to recognize me againI think.


"You can experience a high-quality encounter with a high-ranking man who has cleared strict standards."

There is no other dating club like it.


Anyway,If you are a beautiful woman who thinks "I am the one", I would be happy if you could come to the Don Don SALON for an interview!


All the staff of the salon will continue to devote themselves to providing the best matching for male and female members.

Thank you for your continued support in 2022!



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