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How many more sleeps before the New Year

I wish you all the best in the winter.

This is kawakami from the salon.



Galette des Rois progresses at the same time as Stollen and Christmas cake,
Valentine's chocolate advances at the same time as galette des rois...


So the sweets area has been busier than ever since around November!

As usual, Kawakami's stomach is also very busy!

For the year-end and New Year holidays, we plan to consume 6 galettes des rois by the end of this week \( )'ω'( )/
The SALON staff are also getting caught up in the acclaim (*´ー`*)Tsubero


I wish it had a longer shelf life like stollen,
That's not the case with Galette des Rois.
It's full of butter and stays in your stomach, so you can easily eat a whole!That's not to say...


I always wanted to have gastroptosis.

... and I wrote it in late December for posting in early January.
In reality, I was able to eat more and more than I thought,
SALON staff are not involved in the food fight ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


I can't help but feel fat...
If you look at the reality now, you won't be able to enjoy Valentine's day!
After moving, the office became bigger than before, so I work with Kiritani.
I think that it is consumed by radio exercises (///^ω^)


My personal goals for this year are:
It is to go around all the cake shops that you care about in Tokyo!
first blogIn "Basic withdrawal temperament.I am enjoying myself at a leisurely pace. ], but
The pace is too leisurely, so the number of places I want to visit just keeps increasing.
Put an end to the leisurely pace!Give your body sugar!


I'm about to finish my blog at the beginning of 2022 with a loose feeling,
I'm going to be stoic about having fun at the salon!


Thank you for your continued support for THE SALON this year✨



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