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Corona reheat?

ladies and gentlemen

Always I am indebted.
Happy New Year!

I'm Nishino, who got sick early in the new year and took a break from work.

What did you all do in the beginning of the year? !

I returned to my hometown of Shizuoka,
Lazy and silly comedy shows
I only have memories of watching it while sitting in the kotatsu, but!
(New Years tends to be a comedy program)

Recently, the number of people infected with corona has increased explosively.

Looking at today's net news,
The number of new corona infections in Tokyo is around 7000, which is expected to be the highest ever.

The severe rate is overwhelmingly less than the conventional strain, and the peak out is early?it seems,
Everyone please take care of yourself.

Corona is also prevalent and
Should I refrain from setting
I think there are men who think that
At Salon, online setting is also the same,
After setting, if the reservation is not filled, it is possible to have a meal in the setting room as it is,
If you are lost, please feel free to contact the staff in charge at any time (^^)


I will do my best to have wonderful encounters with everyone in 2022.
Thank you for your kind support!


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