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Ha Lunch Vol.3

Thank you all for visiting my blog.

This is Hara from THE SALON.


Omicron stocks are raging...
At SALON, we are asking for your cooperation in thoroughly arousing, taking in clean air, temperature measurement, and disinfection!
We will continue to think and implement the infection measures as long as we can, so please continue to take care of us.


Meanwhile, the long-awaited [ha lunch] has arrived (laughs)
Please wait (laughs)

Let's go (#^^#)


1st case
Korean-style sweet and spicy fried chicken set meal♪★5


2st case
An indispensable hot pot set meal in the cold season ♪ ★ 4.5


3st case
Curry with guinea pig tail meat 4


4st case
Piping Hot Crab Sauce Fried Rice★4


5st case
Favorite miso ramen★5


When I thought the year was over,, it's already February!
Recently, I often feel that time passes quickly (laughs)

Conversation is fun even at the setting and 20 minutes is early!I will try to match you so that you can feel that, so thank you for your continued support m(__)m


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Hajime Hara


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