salon diary

Profile card

hello everyone!My name is Kiriya.
When you came to the salon for the first time today,
A profile card for men and women to write
I will try to write it too.

Before the feeling time begins,
A card to introduce to your partner.

⚪︎ First, SALON name
 Kiriya Moe

 Salon Concierge


⚪︎ Hobbies/special skills
 Bedrock bath, hot yoga

⚪︎ When I was young...
 It was a fanboy who wanted to ride the trend immediately.

⚪︎What I am working on now
 To provide a wonderful encounter.

⚪︎A date to yearn for
 Exciting date

⚪︎ Motto
(Words that matter)
 Heaven did not create man over man, nor man under man!

 My name is Kiritani and I am a concierge at SALON.
 Anyway, I always want to be happy.
 I hope everyone I meet at the salon will feel happy.
 I will be devoted to it, so thank you for your kind support.

⚪︎A word to the other party
 I hope you have a good relationship today!
 I hope you have a wonderful time✨

And you can easily fill it out like this.
After that, we will talk in 20 minutes of feeling time.
That's not enough time, so I'd like you to go out,
It's best to check each other

There are various types of people for each person.
It's a great deal!
You can meet only at SALON, it's your partner!
There are many opportunities to talk with various types of people.
I hope you enjoy it.

So that you can meet someone with whom you feel the same way,
We are also trying hard to compare the type and introduce it,
I'm sorry if it doesn't fit
You will be dismissed on the spot.
Look forward to seeing you next time ✨

I would like to introduce you to someone like this!If you have a request to say
Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Please continue
 All the SALON Concierge
 Thank you very much 🙇 ✨

- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Moe Kiriya


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