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Good encounters come from good motivation.

thank you always.

In Hayama, just three months have passed since I started going to the gym..


Since November last year, three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,I have been going to the gym without taking a day off.

(For the time being, the three-day boy was spared.)


As a result, I had a "big realization".

That is,


“Both going to the gym and muscle training are fun at all!”


No, even I was surprised by this.

"Are you serious?"💦


As might be expected,After exercising for three months and making it a habit,The joy of training yourself physically and mentally"Feelings likebut for now,There is no such sign...


Often,"I can't help but enjoy the muscle training itself!"like iron manThere is, but I really envy you.

(At the same time, I am a “cultural person” at heart.I strongly reconfirmed that it is.)




Even I, who is such a "bean sprout child", can feel the effect properly,It's a great place for muscle training.

Somehow, the weight gradually started to increase, and it's just a feeling inside me,I think my body has changed too.


I often say, "Muscles don't betray you" (laughs).


And faintly, around the chest,A straight line has emerged.


"Ah, I noticed that I have boobs❤"

(Kora, call me pectoralis major)


Now, I think I have about an A cup.

No, is it a B cup?

(Korakora, apologize to the girls)


Putting aside the old man's breast story that I don't want to hear...

Motivation is not so high from the beginning,If you don't skip it and keep going, you'll get results.

Rather than that"By starting to see visible results,It boosts your motivation and leads to better results.”It may be more correct to think like that.


Anyway, someday I will be able to say, "Muscle training itself is fun!"Oppa... No, train your pectoral muscles and become a "man with a chest that makes you want to be hugged"I will aim for

(Where are you aiming?)


Now, speaking of motivation.


For male and female members, "What motivates you?"How motivated do you keep yourself? SALONIn order to enjoy the activities inA very important barometerI feel.


Also, of course, thatWhether male or femaleThe direction of motivation is completely different.

This time, the first half of the story was unexpectedly long, soI would like to write it as a theme for the next time.


The cold season continues, but...

I hope to see you again at the salon this February.We look forward to seeing you!



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