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  • June 9, 2019
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A good woman dripping with sweat

A good woman dripping with sweat

Thank you very much for always watching.

This is Shimabara from SALON.

It's been hot lately. . .

After walking for 3 minutes, you will be drenched in sweat. . .

I'm Shimabara, and my nose is particularly sweaty.

In such a hot weather, I went to a fireworks display the other day!

Anyway, there are many people! ! ! !

There was also a stall, but it was very lined up.

It was lined up like Disneyland!(I got a little excited lol)

And what caught my attention were the girls in yukata.

Am I the only one who looks 2% taller just by wearing a yukata?
Anyway, it was cute and beautiful, and it was fun to watch Shimabara lol

Also the nape with the hair raised is the best personally. . .

Sweat feels beautiful when it's a beautiful older sister.(Please don't feel bad lol)

After all, the fireworks display is limited to yukata!

It's a pity that I should have worn a yukata too!

Did you all go to see fireworks with someone?

If you are interested in someone of the opposite sex, how about inviting them to fireworks?

I think we will get along better.

Fireworks date recommended ✨

Thank you for your continued support of the salon.

※Because there is a continuation of the joint party again
I will write again, so please take care of me!

THE SALON Koharu Shimabara


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