salon diary

not to waste time

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


Since my last blog, I have opened three new cake shops.
Sometimes I waited for an hour while the cold wind was blowing.
From the point of view of TIME IS MONEY, it seems that you are wasting your time.
Even if not, I think! (ノ∀`)


But I will not stop lining up for some time in the future.
After all, there is something you want!
Line up or not is my choice
It's a matter of my taste whether what I get in line is delicious or not,
I know that complaining about "I lined up like that!" is unrefined.(Isn't it trained? Lol)



Well, I have registered for SALON,
Or you are thinking about registering in the future,
I know that many men and women are busy.
Maybe there are some people who believe in "Time is Money"...?


In the meantime, since you are visiting us with your precious time,
Our staff introduces each time with the feeling that it is a serious competition.
I always want to fulfill the wishes of both parties as much as possible.


However, even if these people register,
There are people who think that they will not be able to meet their expectations and that they will just waste their time.
(Such people were told at the time of the interview and had them reconsider their registration.)


Let me give you an example on the male side.


Anyway, the focus is on looks, and the range of preferences for looks is surprisingly narrow


"I want to meet Nami Tanaka (who has that face)!"
I'm sorry, but no...

Of course, there are cute and beautiful people with different facial features.
However, it is expected that activities at SALON will become difficult if the width is considerably limited.
It might be cool if we could respond to such requests, but...


Currently, there are several people who are waiting for admission interviews.
By all means, at the time of the interview, what kind of purpose and what kind of woman are you looking for?
I would appreciate it if you could tell the staff without hiding it.

Before matching with a woman,
First of all, let's check if the matching between the salon and the purpose is correct!



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