salon diary

Behind the SALON Concierge

Always I am indebted.
This is Ayano Haneda from THE SALON😊
We are now into February!
It's already over January.
(too fast!!)


I recently discovered a common quirk of the SALON concierge.
This pose that everyone has done once
my hands and my hands
If you put your palms together and make a lover's bond, it will be a pose of a wish.



Everyday setting, 20 minutes Just before opening the door, this pose that suddenly disappears

"please.I hope the conversation is lively 😊
It was fun 😊 and
I hope you two can tell me.』

And it comes out on the body lol
Strangely, everyone is like that lol
(It's not a strange religion)

I sincerely hope that the staff who are not in charge will also lead to good encounters,
These are the 6 friends who unconsciously appear in their bodies✨


recently on the river
"Mr. Haneda, would you like to eat this cake?"
chocolate cake with
"It's delicious ✨ It tastes high-class"
"No, I don't really like the taste.
I don't like the feeling of the fruity aftertaste coming through my nose at the end. .smile"

"Where?"Haneda didn't understand at all,
According to the chocolate concierge...
Talk never
(Kawakami who talks with the most fun face is cute 😊)
Promoted from chocolate concierge, chocolate sommelier (^.^) lol
(Next time, Kawakami's Valentine's diary, stay tuned!)



And I also wrote in the information
The second bullet, the real intention of the male member,
Interview is up!

Haneda, I was entrusted with the task of interviewing you, but it is really difficult.
Announcer is amazing.
(The third bullet will be more powerful!)
(Thanks to Mr. U who created this website, I was able to write a good interview article 🌸 Thank you 🌸)

The article is long, but I would be happy if you could read it to the end.

I will do my best to be healthy in February and connect many good encounters with everyone!



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