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I need love to live as a dad!

thank you always.

This is Hayama, whose blogs I write are read by my wife every time.


Previously,I feel a little embarrassed about having my wife read my writingI was feeling

It's just a blog that I write as a job, and more and more, "Dating Club, Daddy Activity, Mistress, Adult Datingetc.


“No no no!



But now it's turning into a pleasure.

(I don't mean that kind of propensity)


The reason is,"Because you will praise me".

About my blogMy wife is just 100% without any detailed opinions or criticisms., I will praise you.


"Interesting content!"

"That's a good sentence!"



Of course, my blog is aboutIt's not always the only truth.

Some of them are articles that receive scolding from members,There should be many...


Despite this, only my wife always praises me.

Thankfully, thisThe existence of an old man called "Shinji Hayama"Without any doubt, he completely affirms everything (laughs).

This fact gives me a sense of securityThe size of the barrel is immeasurable.


Man is really simple.

Even if you are "only one" in the world,Just by having a powerful ally of your own, you can say, "Let's do our best!"It's something that makes you feel like.


One day, I casually asked my wife, "Why?Will you compliment me like that? I asked.

Then I got the following reply:


“Because Shin-chan praises me and accepts me.”


"Wow~! I thought I was just receiving it, but without knowing it, I was also giving love~!!"


husband!I'm sorry, I lost my mind on this unexpected blog...

I wanted to tell youEven if the trigger is an ordinary love,“Love” is essential for male-female relationships, whether it’s dad lifeThat's it.


"You don't need love for a divisive dad life"

Don't you think so?

This time, I will talk mainly from the perspective of women.


Even if the starting line is "money support" dad activities,A man who lacks love is hated at once.

"Love, love, love" is repeated, but the love here isIt's not a net feeling between men and women, but "It is love in the broad sense of "caring to respect the other person as a person".


Even at SALON,A woman who ends up being repeatedly set up with only loveless menSexually, motivation gradually declines,I will eventually withdraw.


Therefore, based on the feedback so far,"The words and deeds of a man without love" that women will feelI compiled it.


(XNUMX) Leaping forward in adult relationships

Many of the SALON womenI am looking for a long-term relationship with a gentleman.

Therefore, the second word is to try to bring it into adult negotiations "I don't feel any love for men who are "one-hit wonders".

Skip a meal date, suddenly a hotel date,It's out of the question.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an adult relationship.

step by step,I want you to have enough room to relax and entertain women.It is


②Do not give allowance

Since SALON is a dating club, almost all womenI would like financial support.

However, in order not to show it blatantly in front of men,We do our best to take care of you.

Especially for weak women,Sometimes I can't bring myself to talk about money.

For men who don't hand over the allowance by deceiving it as a good thing,I don't feel love at all.

Even if you say, "She's in love with me even without an allowance," it may be completely misunderstood.


③ Move by train or on foot

Among the salon women, there are many people whose occupation is related to entertainment,I'm super sensitive when it comes to spoilers.

Therefore,For men who feel free to move the train during a date,I don't feel love at all.

Also, even though I'm wearing high heels, I can't walk for 10 or 20 minutes.It's outrageous to let them do that.


④ Conversation is like an interview

No matter how much the purpose is financial support, many SALON womenWe want men to feel comfortable.

Therefore, even if you feel the pressure of being bombarded with questions like an interviewer,I don't feel love at all.

Trying to identify the opponent and lead,I understand the feeling of wanting to pry into everything,Women get tired and have the opposite effect.


These are just a few examples of bad feedbackIf you are a gentleman, be more gentle and polite,As if dealing with glasswork (laughs),I want you to face women with loveI think.


Even a man who would normally be very gentlemanly, but when the field "As soon as it became "papa katsu", he took a slanted attitude towards women,Be skeptical or try it.

I also look at it objectively, and in a sense that is different from ordinary love,I feel that it seems to be very difficult to measure the "sense of distance with women".


They say, "If you hurry, turn around," but even if it doesn't go as far as "unconditional love,"If you slowly pour your love into a woman first,It will come back with great love.

That's what sets it apart from other games.I believe that it is the best part of dating clubs.


It's been a long time, but thank you for reading this time.

next time,I would like to write about dad activities from a male perspective!



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