salon diary

It was Valentine's day!

Thank you all for your help.
This is Nishino from THE SALON!

One of my recent favorite songs

It's Khalid's Talk!

Khalid is a young pop/R&B singer from Georgia, USA(^^)

Talk is a pop song that is familiar to the ear, and has a good vibe and is very easy to listen to!

It's a song that can get you in high spirits just by listening to it, so I'd be happy if you could listen to it✨

Ladies and gentlemen, today was Valentine's Day, did you get any chocolates? !
At the SALON, a woman prepares chocolates for the other man during the setting,
In addition, the staff prepared it, and it was a wonderful Valentine's period (^ ^)

It may be a small thing, but I think that kind of consideration is really nice ♪
Thank you very much to all the female members who brought it ✨

I say...
Other than the chocolates from the staff, what!

I was able to get some chocolate from my mother! ! (smile)

Every year on Valentine's Day, my mother sends me a cardboard full of sweets and chocolates (^^)

It was Nishino who felt even more strongly about taking care of his parents on Valentine's Day.



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