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About the gratuity (transportation expenses) given by SALON

Always I am indebted.
My name is Ayano Haneda from THESALON.

Valentine's week has ended successfully 🍫
Haneda made cookies and chocolate pies (*^-^*)
Kawakami Report seems to have had a good time this year as well, so it's more than anything ☺
I could really feel my love for chocolate lol



Well, today's topic is
[Regarding the gratuity (transportation expenses) given by SALON]
We will deliver it!

At SALON, we have a 20-minute first setting in the talk room.
Both men and women will meet for the first time (*^-^*)
(SALON does not publish photos, so men cannot know the face of a woman until they meet.)

Feeling time is a time for each other to look for personalities and what you think is good.
(We ask that you refrain from searching for faults.)
After 20 minutes have passed, the concierge will call the lady and check how the man who was introduced to you is doing.

"It was a lot of fun!"
“He was a wonderful person!”
"If you don't mind, I would be happy if you could invite me on a date after this!"

etc ..

Next, I will check the same for men.

men too
"I loved it!"
"The conversation was lively!"

and care about appearance and feeling,

each other's feelings
"I want to exchange contact information"
"I want to go on a date"

when you feel the same

establishment occurs.

In the past, when we were established, we gave 2 yen as a gratuity (transportation expenses) entrusted to us by the man.
*Currently not available*


This time, I would like to tell you how we abolished the acknowledgment in 2022.
It was established on the day, and after that, I can not contact you at all,
・It is true that there were quite a few women who came to register because they wanted 2 yen.
・Maybe it doesn't feel right, but some women may endure going out because they can get 2 yen if they go out.


We are thinking hard about the entrance and opportunity for men and women to meet.
If you want only 2 yen, please go to a cabaret club experience.
I think it's so annoying.

To prevent this from happening, I would like to be a place where you can value encounters more than immediate money.
THESALON has only selected female and high-level male members.


Of course, I understand the feeling that women want 2 yen for living expenses, repayment of scholarships, and a little luxury.
But if one person sees it for the first time, more will happen.
I want you to take the chance to grab the Cinderella story.

Let me help you find a really nice daddy.

Thank you for your continued support.



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


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