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If you want to succeed as a dad active girl, hone your skills

Thank you for always watching.

This is kawakami from the salon.


I went to see the anonymous question box of Universe Club after a long absence.

It seems that it was a little rough in relation to SALON ... (lol)

Because of its anonymity, of course we don't know who is posting the question,

I don't even know the truth of the content,

What is it?



Speaking of money.

When I told you the reason why I abolished the gratuity in the salon,

"Those kids are idiots, aren't they? They can pay you 2, so if you do something good, you should be able to withdraw even 10 or 100."

There was also a male member who said.

I think that's right. (Haneda also wrote the same thing, didn't he?)

On the other hand, because I don't have the skills to do it well,
I wonder if they will do that (if they get 2, they will leave).

Of course, there are times when you can't do anything depending on the other party...

It's a skill, including the judgment.



Techniques to make yourself look your best

Techniques to heal others and have fun

techniques to gain empathy

Techniques that make you fall in love with yourself



Perhaps there are only a handful of people who succeed by just being passive without thinking.

Just like going to an English-speaking country doesn't mean you'll be able to speak English,

Even if there is an environment, most people can't get results if they don't make an effort.

stay humble,

What kind of men are you into, what are your weapons, etc.

Start by doing some self-analysis.



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