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Hello to everyone reading the SALON blog!
Today is Kiritani (#^^#)
Always I am indebted.


What kind of story do you imagine until you find your daddy?


As a result, of course, I think that I would like to find a good dad and receive an allowance.
It would be nice to have your own story leading up to that.


I always ask questions in interviews.
Do you understand adult dating? ? ?


It doesn't matter who you are, right? ? ?
I think that it will be a flow that develops into an adult relationship after a man and a woman like each other.
Is it that day?
How many times have we met?
Everyone is different here, and I think it depends on who you are.


First of all, I wonder if it's important to get people interested.
If you don't get interested, you won't be chosen by your opponent.


Even if we get an offer from the concierge, it's not the type!and
You may be refused by the other party.


But even if you're not my type, if you get excited during the feeling time
You will be selected to go out.


You can show interest, but it's hard to get them interested.
You have to match it with 20 minutes of feeling time.


For example, you can get excited about a common hobby, or you can attack with your sex appeal (laughs)
If there is something that can be communicated with simply by making eye contact,
I'm happy about that ( *´艸`)♡


I think that people who have sex appeal as women have a high success rate regardless of age ☆彡

First of all, it might be a good idea to get into the habit of wearing sexy lingerie.
Then the clothes will naturally change, and the gestures and behavior will also change.
You will also care about the system (#^.^#)
Even if it develops into an adult relationship, I won't panic (laughs)


I pray that flowers will bloom in everyone's happy dad activities.


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Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON.


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