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SALON asks. "What is dad life for?"

thank you always.

This is Hayama, who is thinking about resuming his composition activities after a long absence.


Even though I call it an "activity" with an air of pride, it's just a hobby (laughs).


Just last night, the music production software I bought on Amazon the other dayThe package was delivered to the delivery box.




Among music-loving SALON members,Some of you may know the name of this software.

I used to use Cubase to make music, soWhen I picked up the case, I felt strangely nostalgic.


Even so, it's really been 12 years since I made a song...

To be honest, I completely forgot how to use the software,I may need rehabilitation for a while (laughs).


But for me now, that's about itLoose~Hobbies that can be enjoyed with a new stance,Best for a quick diversionI think it is.


Once, from the bitter experience of frustration in music activities,"The difficulty of turning something you love purely into a job.”It is,I'm going to understand it so much that it hurts.

Looking back now, when I was younger,unknowingly,The music activity itself was replaced with a "purpose".

Frustration, grief, anger,I was so immature and ugly that I would eventually resent those around me (smile).


Since then, one year has passed.

Now that I've grown up a little, music for me isI'm returning to the "means" to make life fun and colorful.

When I was 15 years old, without any calculations or tactics,I just fell in love with band activities straight away,It's the heart of an innocent boy.


Eventually, we will be able to compose SALON's BGM and theme songs.First of all, I would like to do my best in rehabilitation (laughs)!


Now, things have changed.

Here, comparing it to Papa-katsu is presumptuous for SALON members.As far as I can tell, the positional relationship between the "purpose and means" mentioned earlier isI thought it was important again.


I have been working as a salon staff for about a year and a half.I have seen many male members.

Those who are really enjoying themselves, those who are somewhat confused,Those who are suffering for some reason (laughs).


ladies and gentlemen,Originally, I was supposed to be a member purely to enjoy meeting women., What is it that makes you open up so much?When.


As a result of various considerations, it is simple,


● Men whose goal is to be a daddy = It's getting harder and harder

●Men who use “papa-katsu” as a tool = more and more fun


I thought that was all.


If dad activity itself becomes too much of a purpose or goal,Frustration, grief, anger, in the worst caseIt can even lead to resentment.


Also, I believe that you will not come to the salon,From the looks of it, men who are "only sexual desires" are at this extreme,no matter how long times passes,It will not develop into a long-term fulfilling relationship with a woman.


Conversely,Papa-katsu is a “means to add fun to everyday life”Men who thinkYou can also enjoy the process of meeting a wonderful woman.

See things that didn't go well as lessons and sustenance,I can afford to laugh and make use of it next time.


As a result, that leeway attracts wonderful encounters steadily,Develop into long-term relationships with many women.

Together with the advantages and disadvantages of dad activities,As a spice to enrich your life,I cook well."I have the impression that


Are you going to be swayed by dad life and increase your worries?

Make good use of dad life,Can you change your daily life into something exciting?


Needless to say, there is no exception to the members,I would like you to be like the latter.

For that reason, all of the salon staff will always spare no effort and ingenuity and devote ourselves to careful matching.


Once again, thank you for reading to the end.

Well then, I hope to see you again at SALON in March.We look forward to seeing you!



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