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Make an impression with your clothes!

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.



It's spring!
Looking at the weather forecast, it seems that there will be days when the maximum temperature exceeds 20 degrees next week.
I think I have to sell or buy spring clothes soon.


By the way, how do you choose your clothes?
What clothes would you like to wear?
OrClothes you thought would look good on you?


Until the age of 20, Kawakami was completely buying clothes that he wanted to wear.
A little too cute for me...
This color/pattern may not suit you...
Even though I realized that, I was forced to break through with the feeling of "Wearing it is winning!"


But, after all,What doesn't suit doesn't suitThat's right.
If you wear something that doesn't suit you, no matter how cute the clothes themselves are,
Instead of becoming cute, I become uncouth.


To put it another way,A person's goodness is killed by "clothes that don't suit them"Hm.


A woman who shines in a salon,
After all, you know the clothes/makeup/hairstyle that suits you.
It's the same for those who think "Oh!" at the time of the interview.


On the contrary, I often think, "Why is that clothes? Hairstyle? It's a waste..."
I hired him because he was originally a good person and a nice person on the inside!Even if it is, the introduction is quite difficult.



Kawakami is nowclothes that suit menow buy.
After all, wearing clothes that suit you makes you look better and makes you feel better.

On the other hand, "This outfit is cute. But it doesn't suit me (tears)."
It is true that there are many things that make me sad.

After all, the feeling of wanting to wear the clothes I want to wear does not disappear.
So I don't want to deny that feeling.
Let's wear it to our heart's content!


Any form of interview or settingA place to be judged by others.
And, as is the case with SALON, such neighborhoodsThe relative weight of looks in the overall evaluation is high.
If you want to be adopted or seen for the first time,Suppress your own feelings,
Focus on what makes you look goodI think that would be a smart choice.


We live in an age when there are many hints for matching, such as personal color and frame style.
You may not be invincible, but you should be strong!
Be strong and come defeat me!



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