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[Playfulness] is another way to enjoy

Everyone, thank you very much for always watching.


This is Harabajime from THE SALON.

Recently, it's my boom to drive along the coast while listening to 90's J-POP on my days off (laughs).



I wrote it in the title,
Ladies and gentlemen, are you enjoying the setting?


This kind of child is good! !Once you have decided completely and the setting starts, won't you be worried about the other person's coarseness except for women in the love at first sight class?

20 minutes,,,
It seems long, but it also feels short.

There are women who can appeal all of themselves in 20 minutes, and there are women who can appeal only a part of themselves.
It used to be Haneda's blog,
Of course, I think it's out of the question for a woman who obviously doesn't think about anything from the beginning, but she's doing her best to appeal to herself, and she's trying to get to know me. , etc., rather than whether or not you can speak well, look for the good points. If you face the woman with that kind of perspective, you may feel differently after the 20-minute talk time! !


I think that by spending an hour or two with a woman after going out, you may come to know and notice the good qualities of that woman.
I think that 20 minutes at the SALON is a good way to enjoy yourself, thinking about it as one of the triggers!


It might be fun to have a talk with a man who boasts overwhelming experience to bring out the goodness of the woman in front of you!


I always aim for a [strike] and choose women (although there are a lot of balls too...), so I would be happy if men could enjoy 20 minutes at the salon from various angles.



Thank you for your continued support.


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Hajime Hara


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