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Hello to everyone reading the SALON blog!
The long winter is over and spring is approaching.
When is the best time to see cherry blossoms?


Everyone is beautiful to see the cherry blossoms! !Do you think that?
It's a pretty flower!Do you think that?

Look at a woman, like a flower
pretty!with people who think
someone who thinks she's beautiful
Or not the type!


Each one has different values.and
I feel it every day since I started the concierge service.


It is a translation to hear from men to women's type and preferences
It's something you can't grasp just by hearing it once or twice.
It's profound.


But I understand a little.
[Neat and sexy] is number one 🌸.


Or should I say, sexy
The type may be divided into [beautiful type] or [cute type].


I did a little research on the basics of a [neat] and [sexy] woman.


🌸 [Appearance] 🌸
(1) Natural makeup
(2) Clothing that is not too sweet
(3) Shiny and beautiful hair
(4) Diligently cared for skin
(5) Consciousness of cleanliness even in hard-to-see areas


Are your nails peeling off or the paint on your heels crumbling? 
It seems that paying attention to such details is the first step to becoming a popular woman.


🌸 [Personality] 🌸
(1) Always smile and hate
(2) Positive thinking
(3) The guard is not too stiff
(4) Can express joy honestly
(5) Good at spoiling
(6) Can say "I'm sorry" and "Thank you"


And it looks like this.
Ladies and gentlemen, why don't you refer to it if you like?

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON🙇‍♀️✨


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Concierge Moe Kiriya


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