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Introduction of beautiful women who recently joined

Always I am indebted.
This is THE SALON Haneda! (*'▽')!

I moved to a new office and got used to Shimbashi!
One day.
This happened recently.

“Are you done with your sister?”

(Ignore Haneda.)

"Hey hey, do you want to exchange with LINE?"

(Ignore Haneda.)

Too light!too scary!what?

And twice, when I ignored it, I was greatly tongued. ( ̄▽ ̄)
(more scary)

Is this what modern day pick-ups are like?lol💦
Is it time to get contacts like this?smile

On another day, an uncle who got drunk at the station went on a rampage and was secured by three policemen, saying, "Arrested at XX minutes!"
Yajiuma Haneda quietly continued to watch the scene like a drama scene from afar.

On another day, Haneda follows an old lady with a large carrying case as she walks, yelling at her, wondering where she is going.

There are many stories unfolding throughout the week.
Shimbashi has a slightly different atmosphere than

This introduction has become quite long, but today I would like to introduce a wonderful lady after a long absence.
(*The photo is completely different.)



♦︎Mr. I in his 30s
Is there an office lady with such a cute face?
I think there are 8.9 heads and bodies.
However, she was friendly and had a cute smile, and I wanted to support her hard at work.



♦︎Mr. K in his 20s
I usually work with the orchestra.
Just like before, your face is small!
Not only the front, but also the profile was fascinated.The teeth are perfectly aligned!I wanted to support her as a true woman who is working hard towards her dreams.

♦︎Mr. C in his 30s
100 smiles from start to finish
◯◯◯◯◯ Grand Prix Winner
He is tall and well-proportioned.She has a sparkling aura.
A woman wrapped in tenderness is just such a person.


I would love to introduce you (*^-^*)


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