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  • June 27, 2019
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I'll do my best to bring you good luck

I'll do my best to bring you good luck

Thank you very much for always watching.

This is Shimabara from SALON.

Today, Itsuki told me that I look like a deer.

They seem to have similar eyes.

It's like I'm not human anymore...

Speaking of deer, it's Nara!that's right!

Recently, I went on a trip to Kyoto! !
(Forcibly connected ... lol)

There are many love shrines in Kyoto!

Shimabara to increase love luck,

I almost went to shrines related to love!smile

If you've been to too many places

I wondered how I would be lucky...

Shimabara doesn't care about such things!smile

And I had the opportunity to meet with the man again.

I had an interview with the same content as last time!

After all, I thought it was important to have an interview like this!

A lot of real intentions from men
so you can hear
Did you feel this way about this woman?
The type of face is this person's type, etc.
So it will be helpful!

After all, what you honestly thought
I would appreciate it if someone could tell me.

Next time I will propose a woman like this instead of such a woman!

I know you are all very busy.

Shimabara If you don't mind, I'll listen to you anytime, so please talk to me!
Thank you for your continued support of the salon!

THESALON Koharu Shimabara


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