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People who love spring are people who meet a lot

thank you always.

This is Hayama, who says, “I prefer baseball to soccer!”


I was never a baseball player,Father is passionate "Giants Fan"English learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>

There is also the influence,While watching the TV broadcast of the night game flowing in the living room every night,I naturally became familiar with the rules of baseball (laughs).


After all, I became a Giants fan.

I was often taken by my father,I remember watching a baseball game with a megaphone in one hand at the Tokyo Dome.

personally,The Giants when former New York Yankees Hideki Matsui was hitting No. XNUMXwas my favorite.


Also, although there is, Ion something,A habit of comparing life and things to baseball.

(At that point, it's pretty old-fashioned...)


Nishino, a staff member who doesn't know much about baseball, always has a "pocky face" next to me (bitter smile).


Put aside my baseball stuff...

Today, March 3stis "Vernal equinox day"It was

Together with "Autumn Equinox Day", only twice a year,The day when the length of day and night are almost equal.


According to the calendar, this day marks the arrival of spring.It will be called.

Originally, this period was called "Ohigan",Since there is a custom to hold memorial services for ancestors, I often go to visit their graves.


At the same time,Vernal equinox day is "a day to praise nature and cherish living things"Is said to beThat's right.

Embarrassingly, this is the first time I've found out about it today after doing some research...


So, as a Japanese, I reconfirmed that "Let's cherish the heart that feels the four seasons."It was a national holiday."



From now on, it will be warmer, the heart will be livelier, and the season will be easy to visit everywhere..

We, the SALON staff, also hope that all of our male and female members will have as many “spring encounters” as possible.We will do our best to support more so that we can make it!



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