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Bring your weapons!

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


If you think that summer days have come instead of spring, it's snowing...
A gap of 20 degrees Celsius is something that you can feel.
I want you to spend spring calmly...


Speaking of Gap, I remember that there was a time when I often heard the word “gap moe”.
I feel like I don't hear much about it these days, but does this feel right for me?


However, even if I don't express it in words, "gap moe" is still
I think that it exists without change in the east and west all the time!


What kind of gap do you all like?


"It looks flashy, but the handwriting is very beautiful"


"He looks very serious, but he speaks very casually."


"It's tough, but it's fun"


"Usually reserved, but active in bed"


"Even though I'm thin, I eat a lot"


"Serious, but serious"



I think there are various things,
What you didn't think about yourself may be caught as a positive as a gap ♡


That gap of yours may become a weapon even in dad activities!
I'm sure the advanced players are using it well✨


After getting stronger with clothes, makeup, and hairstyles that suit you,
Please take a weapon called gap ♡


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