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A well-mannered woman will always survive no matter how old she gets.

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver 🎵
(Today we will go in radio style!)


It's April, isn't it 🌸 How are you all doing with hay fever? ?
I've already had three nosebleeds this year💦
(I didn't read erotic books lol)
The other day, I had a treatment to drip Botox into my nostrils, but my runny nose almost disappeared (*^^*)
This is really effective, so if you are worried about hay fever, please search for it!
The cherry blossoms were also scattered by the rain☂


Speaking of spring...
Haneda has lived in Tokyo for 18 years, and before you know it, you've spent half your life in Tokyo.
I can still vividly remember coming to Tokyo.
A teenager who has no money but love and could live on passion alone.
I still have good memories of living with my boyfriend in a six-mat apartment when I was 18 at the time.
Young power is amazing.
After 18 years, people in their thirties know both the harsh and sweet things in the world.
I really don't want to get old... (T_T)
Yes, there are many things that are allowed to be young (*^^*)

"Somehow cute just by being young"
"Well, young people, it doesn't matter if you can't do it."

Good, good, stroke it
Haneda thinks so, so men think more.

If it hits the 30s,
"Don't you know this?"
"Can't you do something like this?"
"You're an adult, but you're insane."

And the world's eyes are getting colder and tougher.
Yes, you can enjoy Okesa Persimmons in the form ofIt's natural to be in your 30sThat's what it is.


That's why everyone in their 20s should always be ready to enter their 30s!
No loss.
It is natural to arrange shoes when you enter the entranceThat's what my parents taught me when I was little.
I don't think I'll ever know etiquette unless someone teaches me or sees it.


A well-mannered woman can always survive no matter how old she is with this papa katsu.
"Gochiso-sama deshita" has a lot of courtesy in this one.
・Thank you for the meal, man.
And at the end, when you leave the store, can you say thank you for the meal to the store?
(For example, let's say this to Mac alone when you eat in and leave the store!
When this is ingrained in your body, you can do it anywhere. )


How do you go to the hotel and dry your long hair on the bathroom floor?
Scrape it up with a tissue and throw it in the trash!
(It feels bad when a man steps on long hair.)
Are your towels and futons messed up when you leave the hotel?
(Let's restore it to a certain extent!)


Some people may think that overdoing it is too professional, but the man watching doesn't have to say it.
[This child is a proper child]
I think.
If you're going to go to great lengths to become a dad, be the kind of woman you think you are! !
After all, if one courtesy is enough to make a difference in life, wouldn't it be better to do it? ? (*^^*)
If anything, the high sensitivity should rise even in front of him who is dating!



And this spring, it was decided that Hara would be transferred to the Universe Club.
Hara's last blog
On the last day, we all went out to eat, but Jean and I were very lonely.
I feel lonely to send my friends away.

Haneda is also solid and moist this year?
I will do my best!

Thank you for your continued support.


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