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SALON moves forward with change change!

thank you always.

Recently, Interval TrainingThis is hayama, who is empowering.


Among SALON members,I'm sure some of you know.


Originally,Developed for "middle and long distance runners in track and field"How to train for speed and enduranceIt is said that.

As an aerobic exercise after muscle training,I started this training, and this isIt's pretty tough...!


Normally, it ends with running at 10km/h for 20 minutes.but,Once a week, only on Mondays, after muscle training, running in helldoing the menu💦


First, after sprinting at 14km/h for 5 minutes, this time at XNUMX/hSwitch to a km x XNUMX minute walk to get your heart rate in order.

This flow is repeated XNUMX times, but each time,At the end of the game, my whole body was covered in sweat,I'm lying on the gym floor (laughs).


Even if you say interval, just walking for XNUMX minute,You will never fully recover your stamina.

Naturally, as the second half progresses, fatigue accumulates.


The main feature of interval training is"We push ourselves to the limit by repeating changes and speeds.”That's the point.

Even with an interval called walking,Because the body remembers the peak momentum when sprinting,The fat-burning effect lasts for hours after your workout.

That's why, "every time intervalIt's not like you just have to do training.It seems that the effect is increasing.

In short,“It is important to make an effort to prevent the brain and body from recognizing the rut.”That's what it means.

It's really deep, but in the relationship between men and women,I think the same thing can be said.


Sometimes seeking stimulation with "change of offense", on the contrary, "Giving comfort to each other with "defensive change".

In addition, "I will choose to maintain the status quo by pretending that it will change!"The feint may also be a moderate spice.


For people and things to grow and develop, "change and speed" are essential elements!


SALON is also true.

In a good way, we aim to be a “meeting place” that will satisfy our male and female members while proposing matching that is rich in variety and pace!



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