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Aim for maturity rather than new

Thank you for always watching.

This is kawakami from the salon.



Like the season of encounters and partings,

Last week, I exchanged farewell words with Hara, who was transferred,

Yesterday, I went to a welcome party for new graduates joining Universe.


Since newcomers are not assigned to SALON,

It's easy to understand and it doesn't seem like a new wind will blow in the field (^^;)

However, SALON is also swallowed up by the wave of organization formation of the universe,

In fact, I am receiving guidance from a new perspective.

New SALON!may differ from

Please look forward to THE SALON, which will be further powered up in the future (*^^*)



When it comes to new encounters, we have many women who are newly joining us.


An intellectual beauty with a background in science


Nogizaka can be the center, right?active female college student


Adult beauty with gorgeousness and moist feeling


I'm full of feelings that I want to introduce soon! (Of course, during acclaimed adjustment)

The cherry blossoms have fallen, but please come to SALON to meet beautiful flowers♪



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