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Leap forward and make a big mistake! ~ Women's way of swearing is infinitely different ~

Always I am indebted.
Ayano Haneda from THESALON will send it to you (^^)
Recently, the fever of getting rid of things has flared up again, and I've been suffering from the disease of wanting to get rid of things I don't need and organize things (*^^*) lol
When you take out the trash and the house is organized, your mind and head will be refreshed. 🧹

Well, today is
[Falling forward and making a big mistake! ~ Women's way of speaking is infinitely different ~]
I would like to think about



What is the smart way to persuade a woman...
I talked to many male members"This man is always going well with the woman I introduced."Some people feel that

Perhaps, in a word, I think I'm good at escorts.
If you go out to eat, ask the other person what they like and dislike,"Ask for anything you like"He said lightly
"Is there anything you're not good at?"took care of me
"Are you full? You don't have to overdo it."said
A stack of trivial things makes women feel relaxed.
(Yes, there are other things that are simpler.)


I would be lying if I said I had no ulterior motives.
After the establishment, I was immediately invited to the hotel, and suddenly I was asked to talk about the allowance,
[I want to do]TheWomen honestly wither when they are fully exposed.
(It's kind of clean and nice, but is the body the only purpose? It doesn't get wet.)

I would like you to gently wrap your ulterior motives in oblates.
(If you think you can't do such a troublesome thing, isn't customs suitable for you?)


Then what should I do?
Have a conversation and find out.
Appearance is of course important, but what kind of child is the other person, what is the child doing, how do you feel?
It's a shortcut to persuade someone who knows a woman's true feelings.And I think there are a lot of hints lying around.
sometimes from women


・"The other party didn't even try to get to know me, he was just talking about himself, and he didn't listen to me at all."
(Are you only interested in the body? Full forward leaning type)

・The moment you go out, you suddenly become a lover
(I totally get over that too. There are 30% of women who wouldn't mind the idea of ​​someone you met 99 minutes ago suddenly holding hands and going outside.

(Complete forward leaning type)

・People who want to be told/People who want to be praised
The moment we met, "What do you think of me?"

(I can only say that women are nice even if they are lying. I can't say that it's subtle. I still don't know.)

Women are adaptable creatures.
Even if you are smiling, you may be different in your stomach.

But you want me to cherish you,You win if you make people think you're differentI think it 's.


Dating clubs are not customs.
Why do dating clubs exist, not customs?
After meeting each other, after going on a date,
A place where you can enjoy the excitement and bargaining of dating after talking and knowing how you feel, if the conditions are right.
In a salon, wouldn't it be nice to be able to look at the face, talk and then think about it, so why not register?

I don't think it's suitable for those who are troublesome with dates and tea in the first place.

Once established, it is not the end, but after that, from men and women
"It was a really good time.""it was fun.""He was very nice."
It's time to be happiest when you get a report.
Furthermore,"I have been with ◯◯ for a long time."I think it's the best thing to be able to say.
You can introduce as many as you want,

I will devote myself to knowing and thinking about members every day so that I can connect as many connections as possible in the true sense of the word.

Thank you for your continued support (*^^*)



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