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What kind of women do men like?

Always I am indebted.
This is Haneda from THESALON.
It's October, isn't it?10 months left this year...
Isn't one year too early?
SALON also decorates the room with fresh flowers, so it feels very fresh✨



Well today...

We have compiled a list of women that men like.

・ A woman who is not accustomed to dad life
・ A woman who is not threaded
(This is very difficult.)


・A well-mannered woman
It's the best when I take it to the shop.
"I'll enjoy having this."
"thank you."
This word is obvious.
You can also understand the personality of the shop's capacity.
This is a random moment of your normal self.


・ Good response, reaction to what was said
(The type that nods while looking at the phone is out of the question.)
It is important to listen carefully and take an interest in what men are saying.
Are you happy and happy?
nice person with a smile
I thought it would be boring to be with this girl
The pattern that makes you care about it is the other way around.
high communication skills
Are you able to smile?


This is about anything.
A brained hawk hides its claws (Hide it)
I'm an expensive woman~
Because other people have done this
bragging type
Your stance is roughly the same as the day before yesterday.
Men are generous.
I hope you laugh and listen and talk.

Humility is important.
I can't be cocky...


She is a clean woman.
Women who look good in dresses and flower gardens are popular.
I like women who take care of their hair down to the ends.
I don't want to be judged only by the appearance, only by the first impression
First impressions are absolutely important.


After thatResponse speedis not it.
SALON I feel that there are many women who are early.
(Those who are too late will not be contacted even if they register.)


I think that this is already +α different from women who are quick-witted and smart.
Isn't this where you can express your individuality?
I hope you don't take it for granted that you go out.

I've put together a list of my favorite women that I often hear from men.

If you can take in even one good thing if you go to all the trouble to live as a dad
I'm happy (^^)




THESALON Haneda Ayano


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