salon diary


Hello everyone!
It's warm, cold, and it's been tangled up by the climate.


But it seems that it has finally become cheerful like GW.
It feels nice and warm.I wonder if it's hot ☀️


Today, when I went outside, the dandelion fluff was flying around.
It may have been since elementary school that I saw such a scene (lol)
Something good is going to happen♪

By the way, do you know "Minato Ward Girls"?


Minato-ku girls have an image of many beautiful and cute women who are particular about their appearance and continue to polish their appearance.
The clothes are moderately classy and neat!


And when I was looking into it.


I got an interview.


going to the entrance
Oh my God, wasn't there such an ideal woman 😍✨


miracle! ! !


I've been waiting for a woman like you


When I talked to him, he was classy, ​​humble, and it was his first time working as a dad.
Due to the corona crisis, I have less work to do, so I think I'll try the popular dad life now!
I thought, and when I consulted with my friend,


SALON has a good point, so why don't you apply?


It was said, and when I investigated
At SALON, the concierge will introduce men!


It was written, so I'm relieved.

It seems that you came to the interview thinking.


Age is 30 s!


There are only a few people in their 30s at SALON now, so there is demand!

Because men at SALON are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Maybe it's because it doesn't feel out of place to go on a date with a woman in her 30s (*´艸`)♡


If you are a SALON member and are interested in this woman, please contact the concierge 😊

Of course, several people in their 20s joined this month!


A wonderful relationship is surely right there☆彡
I would love to introduce you 🌸 


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