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The most painful moment at the Salon. .

ladies and gentlemen

We become indebted to.
This is Yusuke Nishino from SALON!

Recently, it's hot and humid, and it's getting cooler, and I thought it was rain forecast,
The weather is good, and the days to be annoyed by the weather continue,
How are you

Also, it's GW from tomorrow! !Where are you all going?
Please refresh your daily fatigue ✨

At SALON, we accept interviews, interviews, and settings except for Sundays when GW is closed.
Please feel free to apply (^^)

By the way, this time's annual recommended music!
Lose Love by Zamvolo!
Zamvolo is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from London.

An artist creating a new contemporary sound that incorporates elements of soul and R&B.
Every song is great, so I recommend it (^^)

Well, the title is the most painful moment at Salon. .I wrote it as
I think the most painful moment in Salon is rejecting a woman who came for an interview. .

As a flow to decide whether to hire or not, after interviewing a woman,
Share the photo and profile of the woman you took with the staff,
We are checking whether there are several men who can be introduced at this time, and making decisions mainly depending on the results. (There are, of course, other criteria as well.)

When I do an interview, I feel a kind of affection for the woman, so it's very painful when I'm judged not to be hired. .

Just because you're rejected doesn't mean you're not nice! ! ! (I just wanted to say this out loud.)

It really hurts my heart because every woman is beautiful. .

If you are unlucky and were not hired at Salon, I would be happy if you could apply for Universe Club.
Even in the universe, if you wish, I can blur the face (^^)

It was a blog that spelled out my daily thoughts. .


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Yusuke Nishino


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