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It's good to be a child who is not generally threaded in the world!Allowance...

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Haneda will send it to you.
How are you spending your golden week? ?
Haneda is the second turn of Love's Crash Landing (Korean Drama).
If you get addicted to it, you will stare at it while making a bear due to lack of sleep💦
And I'm so involved that I feel like the main character... (*`艸´)
This is the beginning of Golden Week.


Well, today's subject.
*The pink letters are the voice of Haneda's heart.

[Male interview request NO.1👑]



・ A child who has a good sense of money
・ A child who knows and understands the allowance market
・ A child who is not threaded

(The words are different, but they mean the same thing.)

Haneda, who understands the feeling of threading, will
Thank you for your continued support today (*^-^*)

When I go to a male interview, I ask,

"What kind of women do you like?"

We will ask you about your appearance, contents, way of thinking, dating style, root digging and leaf digging.
(Otherwise, you won't be able to reach true serious matching!!)
for menE ◯I will also talk normally.
From the men's point of view, I feel like I'm one step closer when I open my heart to dirty jokes.(*'▽')


Apart from appearance, other than that,
1. A child who has a good sense of money

(It is an eternal theme.)
2. A child who knows and understands the allowance market

(Try to google it first)
3. A child who is not threaded

(I think it's okay if it's threaded. As long as you can hide it.)
4. Inexperienced child

(Is this because I don't want to be hugged by another man, maybe I want to raise him in a masculine way?)


↑↑ This is the first request.
amateur rather than professionalThat's what it is.

Because you can dye it in your own color.
because it is not dyed.

that it has been dyed
I have remnants of my previous dad.
The previous person did something like this, or I got this much. .
(The reason why I say this is that women are also weighed if they can surpass that.)
To be frank, I am frank and honest.
(But really smart women don't say that.)


men are
It's good because I can tell you the state that is not dyed, the state that you do not know, and the state that you leave to me!

sorry pro.
(Far from rolling, is it likely to be rolled?)


Is this how you feel?

With that,A child who is not threaded is preferred anyway.

It's wonderful, I want to introduce it to this man.
"I was surprised at the gap in my sense of money!"
(Oh my gosh!!)

There is also such a thing.


"Are you worth that much?"I want to say
Ma ◯ Mi-san Nagasawa?

Please check the market price of the dating club.Search and you'll find it!

If you give us crazy financial feedback, we won't be able to make another offer.
This is reality.


yes, sochild not threadedis preferred.

Of course, Salon does not intervene in allowances.
Rent, living expenses, belongings, clothes, SALON can judge.

And I went from a male perspective,


From a female point of view
People who are too preoccupied, as I talked about last time,
For those who think it's impossible, I think there is also a strategy of intentionally making it look like it's going to be expensive and refusing it in a roundabout way.
It's a roundabout way of saying high and refusing.


However, there is no correct answer to the feeling that it is threaded or not threaded.
There is no way to evaluate it with points.
Even if you feel that you are in a thread, you may meet someone who accepts it.
Even if it's not a thread, it's sad as a woman if it's not taken care of.
From a female point of view, furthermore,I choose this one tooThat's what it is.


I understand the feelings of men very well, and I understand the feelings of women very well.
That's why I ended up feeling like an all-around beauty <(_ _)>
Please forgive me.


It is really important that the concierge makes the best matching.
I will continue to do my best to get to know more about the members (; ・`д・´)



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