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Highly educated women are good

Thank you for always watching.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.


Ladies and gentlemen, is the end of GW today?
Or will it be Monday?
Wasn't there a concept called GW in the first place?
Dating clubs are sort of third.


Today is the end of consecutive holidays for Kawakami (^o^)
Even though it was just after the holidays, the only thing he said was "I'm really tired (laughs)".

GW without action restrictions for the first time in 3 years.
The Shinkansen recorded a maximum passenger rate of 150%, and tourist spots were overflowing with people.
Well, it's a holiday, but I'm exhausted.


Well, I haven't even stepped out of my house during the holidays.


I hope all of you have sent us a fulfilling GW...


SALON has fewer interviews every year during GW.
As expected, everyone is going out somewhere.
The ban on overseas travel has finally been partially lifted this year,
I imagine that there are many people who enjoyed traveling for the first time in a while, both domestically and internationally (*^^*)

Well, the first day after the holidays
A lovely lady has arrived!


I want to be an announcer!
It looks like someone, but I can't remember who it is and I'm confused.
But there is an atmosphere that seems to be really on TV!


Moderately tall, with slim arms, wrists, ankles, and constrictions.
And the ultimate soft bust ♡


And then… oh my good university😍
Looks weren't the only thing.
She is a woman who is also intelligent.


He had a wonderful smile and was a person who seemed to be fun to talk to.
I would like to introduce it right away ♪ I think ✨


There is definitely demand for educated women.
Now we are also doing a new membership campaign!Please come to the interview 💓



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