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  • Let's make good use of SALON for male members too♪

Let's make good use of SALON for male members too♪

Everyone who sees the blog of THE SALON!Hello.
Thank you always for your support.
Today is Kiritani.


The long GW has passed in a blink of an eye.


This year is GW for the first time in three years since the corona disaster
Everywhere I went it seemed to be crowded and bustling.
Finally back to normal.I wonder if it's becoming...?


Above all, I hope everyone is healthy and happy♪


Recently, the number of beautiful women in salons is increasing one after another.
There are more beautiful people who can stay in the eyes.


Style, balance and sense are also good!
As long as our concierge is also happy.


I think I can introduce myself with confidence!


Male members may be competing for it (´艸`*)☆彡
It might be good to introduce all the new women without saying four or five (laughs).


Ages vary.

I think that even women who are over 30 can enjoy being a dad~♬


No problem!
Papa active girls don't ask for marriage (laughs)


Isn't it from the late 20s that sex appeal comes out?
Of course, there are sexy women in their early twenties.

Why don't men also try adventures with various types of women at SALON?
Width spreads.surely! (*^-^*)
I think there will be more fun things to do.


We will offer good encounters this month as well!
We continue to thank you.


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