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Always I am indebted.
This is Nishino from SALON.

GW is over, and it will be the middle of May. .
I can't believe that 2022 will be over half a year in XNUMX months. .
I am 27 years old, and I feel that time goes faster every year. .

Aside from that, it's annual!The recommended number this time is,
It's a song called song32 by an artist called noname.

noname seems to be a female rapper and poet from Chicago. (Amateur bands tend to be called noname (laughs))
This song was played in a movie with the rather cheap title of Netflix's Choose or Die: A Horror Survival Game.
It's a cool song that makes you go crazy when you listen to it, so please give it a listen!

Come to think of it, a nice woman who recently came to the interview and who likes black music came to see me ^ _ ^
I also love black music, so I was excited and excited at the interview. .
It's kind of attractive to have a person who has a slightly unusual hobby ^ _ ^

There was another woman who likes fishing, so I set it up with the man in charge of me ^ _ ^
The man also likes fishing, so we get along very well.
It seems that they still have a wonderful relationship, like going fishing together.

What are the hobbies and special skills of the women who came to the interview?When I heard that, I got lost quite a bit,
There are some women who don't want to say that because their hobbies are masculine, but in fact, that masculinity is actually good!

Even if it's something trivial, if you tell me a lot about what you like, I feel that the range of introductions will increase and the chances of being hired will increase!

Please be conscious of the women who come to the interview ✨

It was too trivial advice from Nishino. . (^^)


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