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  • June 4, 2019
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Don't you worry if things go too smoothly?

Don't you worry if things go too smoothly?

Thank you very much for always watching.

This is Shimabara from SALON.


Anyway, recently the number of interviews with women has increased.
A lovely lady has joined us!
Also, recently there are no cancellations on the day and the day before
Salon staff are very helpful!

Thank you (Dogeza)

Originally, basic women are quicker to reply, so
I am very grateful that the setting is easy to assemble ✨
Even if you are busy with work, we will contact you after work.
I've never had a problem!


I'm worried when things go smoothly like this (laughs)

Please don't suddenly slow down your response (lol)

I really appreciate your quick response!
I can't thank you enough!


Today has become a blog that conveys gratitude. . . w

Do you want me to write a blog like this?

If you would like to hear such things, please let me know.

Please provide the story, everyone 🙇


Thank you to all the members for coming out again in September!
I would like to introduce a wonderful person to everyone in October!


Thank you for your continued support of the salon.


THESALON Koharu Shimabara


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