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Ayano Haneda has made her debut as a dad! !

I am always indebted to you (*^^*)
Delivered by THESALON Haneda.
The middle of May has passed, and the humid days continue.

Golden Week has ended in a blink of an eye.
I headed to a certain departure station to return to my parents' house for Golden Week.
It was very crowded, and I realized that I was back before Corona.

From the morning, there is no prospect of reopening until 15:00 pm due to an accident resulting in injury.
(Garoon (sweat) worst!)
My luggage is heavy, so I'll have to go home...


Then I saw a small boy crying alone in front of the station. .

I couldn't get in touch with my mother, the train was stopped, and I was worried.
It took me an hour to get here by myself, and I'm going back to my hometown in the same direction as Haneda.
I finally got in touch with her, but she didn't seem to be able to come, so I talked to her on the phone,
I decided to take care of Haneda until trains
The nosy aunt is coming.


For the next four hours, I went to bookstores and ate hamburgers on the roof terrace of department stores.
I had a wonderful time.
Botchan, who was very cautious at first, ended up talking to Haneda a lot.
My mother and I were from the same hometown, so I was able to help people...?I think so lol
At the end, of course, I gave her a ride on the train (*^^*)

For Bocchan, there will come a day when he will remember something like this (*^^*)

I totally got off topic (>_<)


Today's subject[Ayano Haneda has made her debut as a dad! ! ].
Even though I'm a concierge, what do you think I've never done as a daddy?
Tell me all the big things? !

Such Haneda is the firstDaddy live debutis! !


I signed up for a certain dating club and got an offer.

The other party is
◆ Mr. M, a company employee in his 30s
A man who is bright and easy to talk to.
It seems that reading is also getting better, so I think it's a person who can enjoy talking about various things.


(What kind of person?)
(You're not a bad person, are you?)
(I'm lucky! I'm a good person! Absolutely!)


Meeting location
Shinjuku certain hotel lounge

A 12-minute walk from the train station

(It's far away...! It's raining...! My tension goes down even before I meet you when you specify a far away place.
A woman who can go on a long-distance date is great.Compared to everyone who goes to a distant place without complaining,
Haneda is already complaining. .
"Male members, please don't specify a place far away or difficult to find." )

and arrived safely


Call and get together.
Mr. M had already arrived.
Opening first
“It was far away, wasn’t it?
(What a nice person! He's smart. I could forgive him in an instant. Yes, Haneda is simple.)

He looked refreshing and was very easy to talk to.
Without worrying about what to say, Haneda started talking like a machine gun.
The other person was always laughing and listening.
At the end of the day, I ended up doing something like a love story lol


A date experience was held.
experience? ?
That's right.
actually the other dayemployee trainingA dating experience that took place throughout the
The other party is a staff member of Universe, but the mission is that you don't know who will come to Haneda until the day you meet.

Employees also actually experience dating and know how women feel.

"What is it? Haneda-san!!!"
I may have thought...
I understand women's feelings, and I've tasted the thrill and excitement.


Ladies who come to register,
I'm sure you have a lot of anxiety.
I am very grateful to you.
We will try to be kind and pleasant in interviews so that we can cherish each step of such women.

Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club and THESALON.



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Concierge Ayano Haneda


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