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Some love is colored by "atmosphere"

thank you always.

People I meet for the first time often say, "You look like 〇〇."This is hayama, who is said to be.


Until now, I've been told that I look like these people.


Takahiro Azuma (Take2)

→ When I was in my 20s, I was often told.

Because it is said too much,I imitated the gag of wiping sweat from the forehead with a XNUMX yen bill.


Shinya Arino

→ It seems that the face when he is a little tired and the side looking down are similar (laughs).


Masakazu Mimura (Summers)

→It was said when I was slightly tanned due to work on the outside.

Well, in terms of liking dirty jokes, are they pretty similar?


Shinichi Hatori (freelance announcer)

→When you are wearing the half helmet of the motorcycle,It is said that there is a high probability that they are similar.


As I was writing this, I realized that...

Other than Bird Hatori, people who say I look like them are all comedians (tears)!


On a slightly different topic, as mentioned in Haneda's blog,The other day,In-house training for Universe Group was held.

In the evening, there was a company-wide social gathering.To two Kansai staff who were talking at the same table,I was told this.


“Mr. Hayama, you look like the panther Ogata, don’t you?”


I mean...

After all, I'm an artist! ! !


That's why Hayama seems to be a "genuine entertainer's face".


Well, speaking of similar celebrities.

Even at SALON,For women who were hired in the interview,"similar to (andQuestionnaire about "entertainers"I'm trying

This is very important,It can also be a great clue for matching.


Because,For male members, at the time of the admission interview, "Multiple celebrities who want to meet,have picked upIt is.


For example, at a glance, the concierge

"She looks like Satomi Ishihara!"

"Just like Mio Imada!"


Of course, women who think thatThe image of matching is likely to boil soon.


However, not everyone is recognizably similar to someone else.

Rather, the following types of womenIsn't it overwhelming?


"I don't think so, but my friends often tell me that (the atmosphere) is Riho Yoshioka.They say we look alike."

"I'm embarrassed, but I was told that (the atmosphere) is like Alice Hirose.I have something to do."


On first impression,I had no idea who I looked like,I just pulled out these words from the person himself,"surely,If you ask me, they might look alike! It's strange because it comes to mind (laughs).


For our conciergeFrom the "atmosphere" of women,Imagining each character isvery important workI think it 's.

When people start to like other people,A fluffy and elusive atmosphere” may be the beginning.


who do you look like?


The atmosphere alone is good, so I would be happy if you could teach me more.



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