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I hope you have a good relationship☆彡

Always I am indebted.
Please take a look at Kiritani's blog today ✨ 


It's been a year since I started working as a concierge for the dating club👏


SALON is a social gathering place for wealthy people ✨ 
We have 50 members who are special and wonderful men!


And women are also active in hiring elegant and beautiful people.


Wealthy men are friendly and kind,
We are also able to introduce women with peace of mind.


I'm happy to match, but the fact that it doesn't work,

I wonder if there was no connection. . .


We each have our favorite type.
I think there are some that are not compatible.


Appearance is of course the most important, but style is also a judging criterion.


The other day, the woman who came to the interview had a beautiful face and good teeth.
Hey, isn't it plump? ? …


So I was rejected 💦


During the winter, I didn't move and just ate
I recommend exercising for the summer.

If you have a high sense of beauty, try reflecting your whole body in the mirror.
Wealthy gentlemen seem to prefer stylish women♫


①Skin care
②Body check
(XNUMX) Alignment of teeth
④Hair quality
⑤ Conversation skill


At the time of the salon interview, the whole body is seen.
So that you can improve yourself and meet a wonderful man ☆

I hope you have a good relationship ✨


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -

TEL: 0120-979-958
OPEN: 11:00-20:00 (closed on Sundays)

Concierge Moe Kiriya


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Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question

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