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Can Papa Katsu Pro pass the interview?

Thank you for always taking care of me (´∀`)
Delivered by THE SALON Haneda✨
February has arrived!
How are you all doing? ?

Recently, when I watch social media or watch videos, I only see [dogs] and [babies].
Other than that, I'm not very interested in food or people, so I can always watch photos and videos of dogs and babies🐩👶
I'm grinning (о´∀`о)
You may want to be healed by something. .smile



Haneda is like that, but the other day, I went to sushi lunch by myself🍣
Is the neighbor a face-to-face meeting for dad life?I met such a man and woman!
Haneda listens to the conversation with Dumbo ears.
to imagine from the perspective of
Women in their early 20s, the look that seems to be used to dad activities is standard
Woman: "I'm relieved that she's just as I thought and she's a wonderful person. 』

A man in his early 40s, nervous and unable to stop sweating, a good-looking man
Man: "Ah, that's great. Please keep asking me what you like.'
A man drinking beer.

Woman: ``General, please give me a large toro and salmon roe. 』

(A young woman is the general! Isn't it new? No, are you used to it? It's kind of funny~ lol)

It was a shop called Su-Zanmai.hey! !

So far... I wanted to hear the conversation after that,Time over! !

It's completely an occupational disease! ( ;∀;)
That person may not be a papa katsu.
It could be two people looking for a serious dating relationship.

I decide that a couple with an age difference is a dad activity,
And Haneda can't stop observing people in his daily life without noticing it.
Occupational disease...
When did you start observing other people?
These days, I think I have to live with a more flat feeling.


Well, today is...

[Can Papa Katsu Pro pass the interview? ]
I would like to talk about

“I am a Papa Katsu Pro, can I pass?”


frankly speaking
"You can pass."
(There is, of course, a review.)

I think there are a lot of people who have experience with dad life.
Professionals have many dads, are used to it,
Being caught in a bad image,No, please be confident.

Certainly, a request from a man
"A child who is not familiar with it, a child who has not experienced it is good"
It is also said thatA child who understands will be smootherSaid some people.

So,There is demand.


However, it seems flashy and expensive,
I don't really like the look of a full-body brand that I'm going to work at night now.
"Then I'll play with my sister at night."Or it's just too much,"Even walking with you is embarrassing."I tend to say.

*We recommend that you do not focus too much on the brand when interviewing.


We also have a lot to learn from dad live professional women.
When I hear that there are 20 regulars, I think that they are geniuses in a sense.
You have more than 20 charts in your head, right?
I wonder if it's a bean.
It's really interesting to talk about how daddy life is like work every day.


Everyone in the world, have confidence in yourself.
What is dad life?But I'm interested, I'd like to hear even just a story.
We look forward to hearing from you, even if it's just to talk to you (^^)
Of course, professionals are also welcome!

We are waiting for your inquiries and interviews! !

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