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What is "luxury"?

thank you always.

This is Hayama, exactly one year has passed since I started exercising.


In order to eliminate "face fat and belly fat",I lifted my heavy hips and started runningThat was in May of last year.

My weight, which was 71 kg, dropped to 10 kg in October.


"Yosha~! Diet success!"

Such joy is short-lived, but soon a new problem arises...


Because I lost weight only by running and eating,down to the muscles,I've become flimsy(tears).


“At this rate, Ikan! A man has a thick chest!!”

So, from November, I went to the gym and started muscle training, and finally lost weight.I just got back to 65kg.


Through training, I found thatIt is better to increase as muscle than to lose weight,by far the hardestI'm sick.

I lost 5kg in 10 months, but I gained only 4kg in XNUMX months...


SALON also hasThere are many male and female members who are training every day.However, every day I am keenly aware of the preciousness of that steady effort.

(Everyone worked really hard,You've created a cool and healthy body...)


"Standing from the member's point of view"

"Know how members feel"


Not limited to trainingFor the concierge, the effort to "approach the member's thoughts"very importantI think it 's.

Like the "favorite type of the opposite sex" is scattered, "As each person is happy to receive a gift,"“Joy point” is a wide variety of ten colors for ten peopleThat's it.


"THE SALON = luxury dating club"


Of course, while embracing that pride, recently it has become a “luxury”It makes you think deeply about the meaning of

"Too caught up in the one-sided image of 'luxury',Has it degenerated into boring forms? "When.


No matter how much you say "luxury",In reality, we cannot provide services that reach the itchy points of our members.If so, I think it's putting the cart before the horse.


Without fear of misunderstanding,


In order to stimulate the points of each member and enjoy from the heart,Trying to get out of the way more, dare to be a little lacking in character,Sometimes I get a little shameless...


Those“I think 'luxury' in the broadest sense might be to provide something like 'extraordinary thrills' that you can't quite enjoy, including both elegant and vulgar."It was Hayama who thought absentmindedly.


Today, I wrote whatever I wanted, but...


I look forward to speaking with you again at SALON this June.I will!



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